Transports breaking out ($IYT)

Posted by on January 17, 2013


6 Responses to Transports breaking out ($IYT)

  1. Augustlights

    Always good to get the long-term perspective!

  2. David

    Yes, looking at multiple time frames(short and long term) is essential.

    See ya soon

  3. Vernon

    Do you use weekly 10SMA as Stop for weekly charts? Thanks.

  4. David

    I do not use weekly 10sma to trade my daily.. I use higher time frames to confirm strength or weakness, but place my trades based on the daily or (10-15 minute charts)

    See ya soon

  5. Adnan

    Noticing each high is higher than the previous (not by much) followed by significant sell off. Learned to value historical comparisons from you. Should we expect the same?

  6. David

    yes, see you soon

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