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  • Over 20 years market experience
  • Proven trading methodology
  • Stock, futures and options for both day and swing trading

Stock Option Trading Strategies in broad sense are both the short-term and long-term. Stock trading involves the procedure of buying and selling stocks from the stock market and the goal here is to attain the maximum level of profit by implementing perfect strategies. In order to identify the Best Stocks To Buy you can trust Fitzstock where subscribers have access to David Patrick’s private daily blog and receive weekly charts preparing them for their next trades. Stock Trading Trends by David Patrick President, Fitzstock Charts is considered top performing. Fitzstock Charts strives to have a winning percentage greater than 75% with trades throughout the year, which it has easily done. Stocks To Watch are found at online stock experts providing idea about the lucrative stocks. Variety is the spice of life and just like anything else worthwhile, there is diversity in the kinds of stocks that are available. Stocks To Buy Now are suggested by specialists in trading stocks. These specialists are responsible for all of the trading of certain stocks. The number of shares that are traded within one day is recognized as Volume of which is counted by the specialist. As beginners you will Learn Stock Trading at Fitzstock on how to trade stocks effectively if you take into consideration your financial responsibilities in setting up your goals and objectives as an investor.Here are a few hints to control you the correct way as you begin your adventure and Learn Stock Trading. These tips will get you set up with the best possible gear and programming, help you choose what to exchange and when to transfer. If you are wondering how common investors learn stock trading fast and easy, it is with the use of stock trading charts and technology. With the best stock charts technical analysis the common investors can learn stock trading fast and easy. Everyone has the prospective to become great traders and Stock Charts Technical Analysis. Through getting best training from experts you can determine those areas effortlessly and successful traders understand that it is those little adjustments that move them ahead by steps.


  • Daily email updates with our trading Focus List
  • Weekly educational videos with chart analysis 
  • Access to private Twitter with my personal trades

Technical analysis

  • Stock analysis for historical chart pattern comparisons
  • Implement trading Rules of Engagement based on market trend
  • Provide calculated entries with defined risk 


  • Over 1,300 of our suggested stock options have doubled
  • Winning percentage since 2013 >over 75%
  • 368 options from our Focus List have tripled


Trades Have Doubled
Option Trades > 200% return
> 1 %
2020 Winning Percentage
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