Pivot bands

You do not need to know what pivot bands are to use my  trading methodology.  However,  I did want to illustrate some other indicators I look at.   This is a chart of the $ES_F (S&P500 future) with pivot bands(energy bands of resistance and support).  I have posted some notes showing how an “exhaustion sell pattern” worked today.


6 thoughts on “Pivot bands”

  1. David,
    You consistently say trade price and don’t worry about volume, but IBD is focused on volume as a key indicator. I am conflicted on that point. Can you please expound on why it doesn’t matter. I dont have the personality of a day trader as I cant pull the trigger fast enough, I believe I am more swing trader oriented. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful response. Thanks, John

  2. David,
    Is pivot bands the same theory as ” pivot points” that are used on most charting software?
    Thanks, Mark

  3. John,

    I never said volume does not matter. I do not use it with my methodology, as PRICE is the only thing that pays. The whole rally this year had no volume, so if you were in that camp……you just missed one of the biggest bull runs in a while. Trade price, ignore noise(swing or day trading)

  4. Hi, do these pivot points learnings apply also to individual stocks, i.e. AAPL? Should we expect similar behaviour from big liquid stocks? thanks!

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