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KISS is an acronym for the principle “keep it simple, stupid!”

I often use this term in trading to stay focused.  There is so much noise out there, between CNBC and twitter posts,  it is essential to concentrate on the simple things that will help you succeed in trading.  The main focus to KISS, is trading  “PRICE”.   I post many of my charts with just price bars, and very few other indicators.   Why?  Because when you have too much information you suffer from “paralysis of analysis”.  There is always a technical indicator that will tell you to buy, and always another that will tell you not to.   In order to succeed in trading you must have CONVICTION.   If you are looking at too many indicators, you will never have the confidence to succeed.  

Today’s KISS says the market is still strong, and the financials are acting very well.  There is continuous new money flow coming  into the market with the January effect, as this  hated bull market continues to grind higher.  Continue to look for select relative strength in technology (AMZN, GOOG, FB ) and wait for confirmed strength in the banks (GS , C , BAC). 

In addition, I am trying to keep my website simple (KISS) also.  I am looking forward to educating  my followers with my trading methodology and learning and how I can help them with their personal trading  goals when Fitzstock Charts Premium Service(FCPS) launches on January 26th, 2013

Thanks again for all the positive feedback.

David Patrick

Fitzstock Charts, LLC

17 thoughts on “KISS”

  1. David,

    I am really excited about your premium service! I grew up in Wadsworth, used to live in Fairlawn, now Houston Texas! Go Bucks. and yes, even Go ZIPS!!

    I am holding 2,000 shares of BAX up over $3,000 with stop under the Gap. I have saved lots of dough with your “Stop under previous day low” rule.

    Thanks for helping the rest of us, it is SINCERELY appreciated!

    Brian (aka BP)

  2. Dear David,

    As a non-sophisticated follower, I appreciate your KISS principle and I am very interested in your premium service as well as contributing to your cookie jar. I do believe in giving back and hope other followers will as well.

    I do hope to learn from you as well as make some $ while holding a day time job. For now, I have been only following as I must adapt my mind set to trading.

    If I may make a suggestion, it would be appreciated if you also provide additional specifics when your new service comes along, particularly position size, as I believe risk management is one of the more difficult aspects to grasp. I do not mention stops, as you have already indicated that these would be mentioned.

    Thank you for all your efforts and your education and best of luck in your new service.


  3. Love the new site! Can’t thank you enough for everything. Can’t wait til my accounts, personal & financial go green so I can contribute to to show my appreciation! I am confident that under your tutelage I can get there!!! 😀 I will definitely be subscribing! You rock 😀

  4. Really glad to hear you will be educating us, aswell as giving us the charts! Thats going to be the main thing for me!! Looking forward to the details of FCPS!

  5. Hi, David, just want to thank you for the feeds and blogs and wisdoms! Great website, and I love your charts with pictures, very creative and unique!

  6. Love it!!!!! So true many of us do this with trading and so many other aspects of our lives.
    Have a blessed day.

  7. Great stuff, David. I am a proud twitter follower and have been learning a lot of patience from you. Thanks again and look fwd to more Yahtzee

  8. As a 4 year trader and someone who came out of high school with no money and refuse to go into debt for college. i want to thank you, been following you since you had 1000 follower, your teachings help us who have to educate ourselves through bloggers like you and your one of the rare ones. Thanks for helping the little guy whos making it from the bottom up on sweat and determination.

  9. I’m interested in your option methodology, however I do have a 8:00 to 5:00 job everyday. Would I be able to get your recommendations in during the day? I have a trade account with TD Ameritrade. Everything I have read so far sounds very exciting and a very good way to win at placing option call and puts transactions. I have not been very successful in the past whether it was with a financial adviser or by myself. I’m hoping that with your guidance I can learn how to better manage my trade account.

  10. Andy,

    All the information on my service is listed at the website

    I provide my subscribers with entries and exits with my weekly technical analysis. The trading methodology is beneficial to both swing traders and day traders (both options and equities). In addition, I send out daily email updates on the market conditions and supplemental trading ideas. I provide debriefs of many trades on the website, along with many educational posts and rules for trading. Furthermore, subscribers have access to my premium twitter account @fitzstockcharts where I post some of my real time trades.

    I am now doing Screencast videos updating the current market (SPX) conditions and stock setups (daily and weekly) to keep all my subscribers ahead of the curve.

    I have posted on twitter for the last 2+ years, if you would like to review my charts and track record.

    I look forward to working with you.

    David Patrick
    Fitzstock Charts, LLC

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