GOOG (debrief)

Posted by on January 7, 2013



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  1. Augustlights

    To clarify, that’s the 15 min 10SMA, not daily SMA, correct? Thx!

  2. fitzstock


  3. Rob Espinosa

    Website looking great so far Fitz! The artwork is badass. quick question: you use the term book 3/4 or 1/2, on a +2 alot. Is the +2 referring to an increase in stock price of $2. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks, can’t wait to sign up!


  4. fitzstock

    thnx for the comment.

    yes +2 is referring to the underlying equity net change from entry.

    see ya soon. Fitzstock Charts Premium Service starts Feb 2

  5. Chris (TheNewIntern)

    Hi Fitz,

    Do you act out the same strategy when it crosses south of the 10 day? I’ve been noticing that the same method can be applied, and gains could be realized. Do you consider this or is there a much better chance of a follow thorough, when it’s north of the 10 day? Thank You.


  6. fitzstock


    i will explain my methodology more, when Fitzstock Charts Premium Subscribers is launched Feb 2

    thanks for your comments

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