FCPS video (engagement, multiple time frames, spreading, hedging, deltas, stops)

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2 thoughts on “FCPS video (engagement, multiple time frames, spreading, hedging, deltas, stops)”

  1. David,
    Say you have 1 Call contract as a runner and you decide to sell 1 weekly Call contract against it on TWTR for example. Do you generally like to sell this on Monday or Tuesday while the premiums are decent? Also, do you like to just let it expire worthless at the end of the week and leave your original runner on? And it it goes against you, at what point do you close it?

  2. Every trade is different.

    I do not base the trade on Mon/Tues premiums, but rather where the stock is trading (and how it is acting)
    If it reaches my upper strike (sold), I will sometimes let them exercise it, and sometimes book the entire spread and roll just the profits into a higher strike..

    Thank you for the comments

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