Fitzstock Charts closing charts with notes (SPX 5/21/19)

SPX 5 700x354 - SPX/NAZ closing chart with notes-Stock Market Technical Analysis-How To Read Stock Charts

The Nasdaq closing notes

NAZ 7 700x354 - SPX/NAZ closing chart with notes-Stock Market Technical Analysis-How To Read Stock Charts

Learn Stock Chart Analysis with Fitzstock Charts

If you are seeking the best information about stock trading it is essential that you identify the reliable source that is updated with latest stock market strategies. Fortunately, the use of powerful new affordable Fitzstock Charts Premium Service (FCPS) is designed to help educate subscribers with a specific trading methodology. This service combines the founder David Patrick’s 20+ years of market experience along with his proven technical analysis. FCPS offers daily insight on stock market conditions, along with weekly structured chart setups. The top stock charts technical analysis for trading stock, options and futures.

If you are looking for the top Stock Market Technical Analysis , you can trust Fitzstock where subscribers have access to David Patrick’s private daily blog and receive weekly charts preparing them for their next trades. In addition, subscribers will have access to premium Twitter account, @Fitzstockcharts. This resource will provide subscribers with some of the real-time trade posts, current market analysis, video updates, and chart debriefs. This subscription service is uniquely structured with calculated trading entries implemented with defined risk.

How to read stock charts, by David Patrick President, Fitzstock Charts is considered top performing. Fitzstock Charts strives to have a winning percentage greater than 75% with trades throughout the year, which it has easily done. In addition, we now have our 1000 trades from our focus list that have doubled from our suggested entry.

David Patrick elaborates the stock trading charts strategy saying, “Risk Management is our #1 key to trading success, as every trade idea has a calculated entry with defined risk. To have long term trading success, it is imperative that you ride your winning trades and add to them on price strength confirmation. Each individual trader should identify their own risk profile and trading time horizon while using scales and stops.”

You can learn How To Day Trade Stocks with our daily focus list, weekly video updates, real time market analysis and access to private twitter @fitzstockcharts is available at Fitzstock Charts Premium Service (Monthly).

“Tremendous job with this service! Your methodology is awesome on its own and because of its strong foundation and principles, is flexible and easily integrated into any plan one is trying to develop on his/her own. I’ve never seen anything like your service and value highly what you are teaching. If I never took a trade all year, the price paid for a year of your subscription is well worth the education and far more valuable than 99% of the classes I took in college” says Andre one of the many satisfied clients at Fitzstock.

The best place to Learn Stock Trading with the most elite stock trading consultants in the business is Fitzstock Charts.  If you are underperforming the stock market with your trades or investments, it is never too late to upgrade.

About Fitzstock:

David Patrick has traded bond futures, spreads, equities and options for over 20 years. On January 25th, 2013 he successfully launched Fitzstock Charts Premium Service. This elite trading service has helped traders around the world learn his proprietary trading methodology. The service emphasizes trading rules of engagements with stock trading analysis.


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