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If you want to learn stock trading, you came to the right place.  We use simplified trading Rules of Engagement based on price pattern on charts.  All of our trades have calculated entries with defined risk.  Fitzstock Charts specializes in stock chart analysis and shows in detail how to read stock charts.   The language of the market is always telegraphed in price patterns.  We keep things simple and identify the highest percentage patterns that repeat themselves over time.   Fitzstock scans thousands of charts searching for these Historical Chart Pattern Comparisons to give subscribers a trading edge.


How are we different?


Fitzstock Charts is educating traders around the world with simple trading rules of engagement. We use these trading rules with stock chart price patterns.  Our highest odds price pattern is the BULL FLAG.   This pattern can develop from a breakout, or a break of a downtrend line.  When MACD confirms the price pattern, and we find a Historical Chart Pattern Comparison that coincides, our trading odds become significantly higher.


Here are the Bull Flags that we have traded on the S&P 500 this year.

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There is a ton of noise on wall street to confuse the average retail investor.  It is important to ignore the noise and only trade the language of the markets with price patterns.




Things we DO :

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-We keep things simple with a proven trading methodology.

-We define our risk before every trade and emphasize risk management.

-We scale profits to reduce risk, and then add on price strength confirmation.

-We use our Key Essentials to Trading Success to keep the trading odds in our favor.

-We trade PRICE and Market Trend without opinions or emotions.


Things we DON’T do:

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-We DON’T trade earnings

-We DON’T use chat rooms to confuse you

-We DON’T trade economic or political news

-We DON’T over trade




Fitzstock Charts has a winning percentage of 86% year to date, with 88 stock options that have doubled (29 of those up over 200%).  Our trading methodology is proven with an outstanding track record of performance.    Here are our top performing trades:


If you want to learn stock trading and how to read stock charts, it is never too late to upgrade to Fitzstock Charts

Here are what subscribers are saying about Fitzstock Charts:


Fitzstock Charts Premium Service

-Daily email updates with our trading Focus List

-Weekly video analysis covering our stocks and current market conditions

-Access to my private Twitter, with real time posts and trades

-Educational trading videos and posts to give you a trading edge




I look forward to helping you reach all your trading goals.


David Patrick

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