Why do most traders fail?

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Over 90% of traders fail because they are not disciplined. To succeed at trading you must have patience, discipline and utilize a defined risk methodology.


The first problem retail traders have is emotions.

You have to trade like a robot, as you are competing against them every day.  It is imperative to stay even keel and not get too excited for any trade or investment. You need to stay structured and use simple trading rules.


Things we do at Fitzstock Charts trading service.


-Keep things simple and only trade PRICE without opinions

-Identify market TREND and search for high odds chart patterns

-Define our risk with stops on every trade/investment

-Provide a daily stock Focus list with calculated entries and defined risk

-Review current market conditions with videos updates through the week.

-Illustrate a scaling method to trade, while adding to winning trades on price strength

-Provide a proven trading methodology for swing trading/ day trading / and investing

-Teach you how to read stock charts and how to day trade stocks and futures



Things we DON’T DO….


-We DON’T trade earnings or any event risk

-We DON’T average down on losing trades

-We DON’T listen to opinions in the media

-We DON’T pick tops or bottom on stocks

-We DON’T over trade in NOTREND or DOWNTRENDS

-We DON’T think we are smarter than the market

-We DON’T take any trade without defining our risk



Our trading rules of engagement are very simple to understand.   There are times of the year we are more active and more aggressive.  On the other hand, there are many times we are being patient and disciplined preserving our capital and trading gains.


We search for historical chart pattern comparisons to capitalize on big moves in the market. Our year to date win rate is >90% with over 100 stock options that have doubled.  We look for price pattern backed by weekly confirmation, while using in the money stock options.


We have losing trades too.  It is imperative that you know your exit before your entry on every trade and investment.  This way you have no emotions or opinions on any position you have on.  There is no flawless trading methodology out there, but ours certainly keeps the odds in your favor. Traders that are patient and wait for the appropriate price pattern, use our historical chart pattern comparisons, confirmed by the higher time frame are always rewarded the most.


If you are under performing the stock market with your trades or investments, it is never too late to upgrade.   If you are looking to learn stock trading with the best stock charts technical analysis in the business, email us at  David@Fitzstock.com.


We are educating traders around the world with our Rules of Engagement (ROE) based on market trend. If you are under performing the stock market with your trades and investments, it is never too late to upgrade.



What does Fitzstock Charts include?

-Daily email updates include our Focus List with calculated entries and defined risk

-Stock chart technical analysis searching for relative strength and weakness

-Weekly video analysis covering our Focus List and the current market conditions

-Educational videos and posts using our trading methodology (ROE)

-Access to private Twitter (@fitzstockcharts) where I post real time updates and trades

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